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The Silk Road Collection was inspired by the Research Work about the Maritime Silk Road named –Maritime Silk Road and its connection with Macau Historic Relics” – recently developed for the Cultural Institute, in Macau SAR, China, following an invitation from the Cultural Heritage Department.
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This Investigation Project resulted in 316 pages of information gathered through the consultation and interpretation of many documents, maps, books, dissertations, and diverse publications, over several months. The main purpose of this work was to research, study and analyse, in the best possible way, for a connection between Macau Military Structures or Fortresses, built in the 16th and 17th centuries, and the Maritime Silk Road that led to the arrival of the Portuguese to the South China Sea. This Research Work has certainly “awakened” the spirit for Discovery and Wonder about new and fascinating Cultures.

The Maritime Silk Road was just the beginning of a Journey of Discovery between the Eastern and the Western Cultures, a discovery of different habits and new ideas, that would develop in the following centuries, after the 16th century, and this is exactly what fascinates us, this exchange of Knowledge that happened, because all these Cultures had a lot to learn from each other. In the 16th century, the Maritime Silk Road had the same meaning as the Discovery of New Worlds, New Knowledge, New Ideas, and this is what the Silk Road Collection truly means – Dive into Discovery. Be inspired by the discovery of the navigator´s adventures in the Maritime Silk Road, be inspired by the inventive navigation instruments they used to meet new Cultures and new Lands, be inspired by the discovery of beautiful and exotic Architecture in those faraway places, an Architecture that was born from extraordinary Cultures.

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