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The Minimalist Collection was inspired by a simpler way of Life, in respect for the Environment. It is focused on emphasizing the simple things, highlighting the most meaningful aspects of Life, such as Life itself, Love, Health, Longevity, and many others. And through a simpler way of Life reaching Longevity, Infinity. Each piece on this Collection has this message. A simpler way of Life can be achieved through many ways, and one of them is through a Philosophy of Meditation, connecting with the Zen practises, searching to “Elevate the Spirit”.
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The Zen practises aim to concentrate the Mind, Spirit and Body on a meditative calm. In general terms, it is about centring all the concepts related with Meditation. One of those concepts is Eternity, deeply connected with Immortality, a concept also related with Spirituality. Simplicity and Invisibility are two other terms on which Spirituality is based. For all these reasons, the Minimalist Collection is essentially about Simplicity, to value the small things, to value the simple things in Life, and in doing so, respecting the Environment, and joining these two concepts, where Less is More. The Minimalist Collection is about sending a warning message that the Environment and the World needs our help, and one of the ways everyone can help is by following a simpler way of Life – a Minimalist Life. Another way to support and protect the Environment is through Recycling, and inspired by this solution, we will soon launch a Collection in the Innovation menu about Recycling, one of the solutions to the many problems Mother-Earth is facing nowadays. Through recycling everyone can contribute for a better Environment, and 3D Printing can certainly contribute positively on this matter.

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