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New Aurora Pendant

New Aurora Pendant

Inspired by a recently built new airport – the Beijing Daxing International Airport – with interesting fluid free shapes that sometimes assume daring curves, this airport was designed by Zaha Hadid architects, based on the professional path of Dame Zaha Hadid, a British Iraqi architect who introduced a completely new perspective about Architecture, with a vision that has inspired us for many years, and one of her quotes precisely transmits this new perspective: “There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?

The New Aurora” Pendant was inspired by one of Zaha Hadid's works, with its amazing, curved beams, large open spaces, and well illuminated areas. It’s clearly a space "out of this World", that transports you into another dimension. This Airport was designed around a centre area, following the principles of the Hutong Chinese Houses, representing Union, and so, this Jewel stands as a symbol of Union in the Community, of Union inside the Family.

The New Aurora” Pendant is made of silver 925, with a polished finish. It has 38mm in diameter and an approximate weight of 11,00g in silver certified by "Casa da Moeda", under the License Number T1795, the main official entity that guarantees the quality and authenticity of your Jewels.

Reference: 01.02.010.PD.001
Dimensions: 38 mm
Weight: 11.00 grams
Type: Pendants 
Material: Certified Silver 925 
Finish: Polished 

286.00 €
8 unit(s) in stock
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All our Jewellery can also be produced in gold, can be produced with different sizes and may have other finishes such as the vintage finish. The price varies according to the selected material and finish. Please, contact us to request a quote.

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New Aurora silver pendant

Beijing Daxing International Airport

The New Aurora” Pendant was inspired by the Beijing Daxing International Airport, in China, by Zaha Hadid architects, because this architect’s work has inspired us for many years, for her magnificent and visionary approach on Architecture. The Beijing Daxing International Airport opened on the 26th of September 2019 and is today an impressive and enormous airport of approximately 700.000 square meters. This airport was inspired by the principles of the Traditional Chinese Architecture, which organize space around a central area, just as it happened many years ago with the Hutong Chinese Houses centered around a courtyard. The Beijing Daxing International Airport has in the “heart” of this immense space, a structure that inspired your Jewel. The structure that supports the roof has many interesting, curved beams transformed into a star, and this is where we find the inspiration for your Jewel.

3D Printing Technology

How we produce your Jewels

On a first stage, its design was produced with a sketch inspired by the Beijing Daxing International Airport, in China, by Zaha Hadid architects. A second stage followed with 3D Modelling, by using a specific parametric 3D design software – Fusion and AutoCAD – that was applied together with the 3D Printing Technology on a Formlabs 3D Printer producing a castable wax resin piece. On a third stage, this resin piece was handed over to a Jewellery Workshop, to the work of a certified traditional goldsmith that transformed it into a precious silver Jewel. These three steps were carefully executed and monitored with a special attention to every detail, so that the result would be a unique Jewel with a special meaning and top quality.

Beijing Daxing International Airport Traditional Chinese House

The Beijing Daxing International Airport was built based on the principles of Chinese Architecture, more specifically, based on the Traditional Chinese Architecture. One of those principles refers to the organization of the Hutong Chinese Houses (right image), which were constructed around a courtyard, particularly in the north of China. These courtyards were at the centre of everyday life, providing for a strong Community Spirit, representing Union. So, the New Aurora” Pendant stands as a symbol of Union in the Community, of Union inside the Family.



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