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Rose Window Flower Pendant

Rose Window Flower Pendant

The “Rose Window Flower” Pendant stands as a “Window to the World” and these are inspiringly described by Fernando Pessoa in the poem: “It’s not enough to open the window / To see the fields and the river / It’s not enough to be blind / To see the trees and the flowers. / It’s also necessary not to see any philosophy. / With philosophy there are no trees: there are just ideas. / There is just each one of us, as a cave. / There is just one window closed, and all the world outside; / And a dream about what you could see if the window would open, / That it’s never what you see when the window opens.”

The “Rose Window Flower” Pendant was inspired by the mystery and beauty on the Rose Window of the Jerónimos Monastery – one of the most emblematic Monuments of the Portuguese Maritime Expansion – as it reflects the spirit of the Gothic and Manueline architectural styles, in the 16th century. This Rose Window allows an entrance of light to the inside of the Church of Santa Maria de Belém, providing it with a mystical and magical environment!

The “Rose Window Flower” Pendant represents this magic light entering inside the Jerónimos Monastery. It is made of silver 925, with a polished finish. It has 36mm in diameter and an approximate weight of 13,00g in Silver certified by "Casa da Moeda", with the License n.º T1795, the main official entity that guarantees the quality and authenticity of our Jewels.

The price includes a Leather Chain.

Reference: 01.01.001.PD.005
Dimensions: 36 mm
Weight: 13,00 grams
Type: Pendants 
Material: Certified Silver 925 
Finish: Polished 

258.00 €
7 unit(s) in stock
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All our Jewellery can also be produced in gold, can be produced with different sizes and may have other finishes such as the vintage finish. The price varies according to the selected material and finish. Please, contact us to request a quote.

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Jerónimos MonasteryJerónimos Monastery

The Rose Window represents the Divine Light, because of its inherent characteristics when offering such a special light inside the Churches. Its circular shape is the symbol of Eternity, with its endless curve. Inside the Rose Windows it is usual to find an amazing work of stone filigree, that translate into several arches shaping the stained glass and producing a unique atmosphere. This Divine Light entering the Church lets us travel through Time and we can easily imagine what it was like in this meditation atmosphere, just after the Church of Santa Maria de Belém was built, in the beginning of the 16th century, during the Maritime Silk Road.


3D Printing Technology How we produce your Jewels

On a first stage, its design was produced with a sketch inspired by the beautiful architectural details in the Church of Santa Maria de Belém, in Jerónimos Monastery. A second stage followed using 3D Modelling with a specific parametric 3D design software – Fusion and AutoCAD – that was applied together with the 3D Printing Technology on a Formlabs 3D Printer producing a castable wax resin piece. On a third stage, this resin piece was handed over to a Jewellery Workshop, to the work of a certified traditional goldsmith that transformed it into a precious silver Jewel. These three steps were carefully executed and monitored with a special attention to every detail, so that the result would be a unique Jewel with a special meaning and top quality.


Jerónimos Monastery

Rose Windows are one of the most beautiful elements in Architecture and have been fundamental all throughout history in providing a special light inside many Churches and Monasteries. This light on Sacred Ground would give Hope to many, particularly during difficult times, and this is our message to you.

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