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In June 2021, a new school was opened in Malawi, Africa. This school was built in just 18 hours, an impressive time, in a location that desperately needs this kind of infrastructures. According to UNICEF, Malawi needs approximately 36 000 classrooms, and so this technology can greatly improve this situation, in a decisive way. It’s the beginning of a new age towards the Future, towards helping children, with the New Technologies, with 3D Printing. This construction makes all sense, providing to help the future generations, with one of the most advanced technologies that exists today. 

The construction of this Malawi school was only possible, because of a partnership between Lafarge Holcim and the CDC Group, with a BOD2 3D printer, from COBOD company. The concrete 3D printing applied the Durabric concept, with earth-cement blocks, which are much cheaper and more sustainable than the traditional construction process. You can learn more about this school here and here.

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