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SPARK+DREAMS is a project imagined by Paula Figueiredo, an architect passionate about New Technologies, Architecture, Heritage and with extensive Research Work developed in the last years connecting the Past and the Future, with Sustainability in mind. Paula Figueiredo worked for many years in the Portuguese Air Force, in the Infrastructure Department of the Logistical Command (C.L.A.F.A.), in Lisbon; followed by a dedication to research work in close contact with the Cultural Institute, in Macau S.A.R., China; some years later, worked in the Architecture and Urban Planning Studio “Saraiva + Associados”, in Lisbon. All important learning experiences.

On February 2019 Paula co-founded the 3D+DREAMS Company and created the SPARK+DREAMS brand, a Portuguese label focused on establishing a “bridge” between Art, Architecture and Culture with the New Technologies, connecting Tradition and Innovation with Quality and Creativity in mind. We produce Silver and Gold Jewels – Silver and Gold quotations – based on 3D Printing, using several 3D Printers and working with several Certified Traditional Silversmiths’ workshops, beginning an intense period of hard work. These Silversmiths are certified by 'INCM, Imprensa Nacional da Casa da Moeda' - Contrastaria Portuguesa - the official Portuguese entity for Silver and Gold certification.

Shortly after, I received an invitation from the Cultural Institute, in Macau, to develop an investigation about “The Maritime Silk Road and its connection with Macau Historical Relics”, which inspired some of the models, in the “Silk Road Collection”.
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Paula Figueiredo is an entrepreneur and researcher, enthusiastic about Innovation, Architecture, and the Industry 4.0, consolidating it with all her previous works and leading SPARK+DREAMS into promoting the use of the infinite 3D Printing Technology in traditional Arts & Crafts, opening it to Industry 4.0, where there is no limit to Imagination, which is why we find it so fascinating.

We transform the space that fascinates you into first quality jewels, with the latest Technology, based on the knowledge acquired in more than 20 years of creative experience, with a high Passion for what we do!

The SPARK+DREAMS Project aims for an erudite approach on the products we create, through the symbolic meaning in Heritage, in Architecture, among other areas, that inspired them, with Sustainability in mind, and always in great respect for the Environment.

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