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3D+DREAMS connects Architecture and Culture with the New Technologies. We bridge Innovation with Tradition bringing to Life History and Heritage. We are architects designing and transforming Space, Heritage, Architecture into Models, Jewellery and Innovation, with the latest 3D prototyping and fabrication technology. Our main objective is to keep working to achieve better quality and more innovative products.

3D+DREAMS connects the Future with the Past, in a Present oriented towards the Future. We investigate new technologies, new materials, new ways of bringing sustainable traditional craftmanship into the present, revitalizing our connection with Nature, Art and Knowledge.

3D+DREAMS aims for a greater awareness about protecting Nature, about protecting the Oceans, about being vigilant with the World Heritage, Arts and Culture, in the 21st century. In fact, this is one of the main objectives of 3D+Dreams, to become a “wave” of positive change in protecting Cultural Heritage and the Environment.
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3D+DREAMS is oriented towards a Future based on Sustainability, inspired by the beauty of Architecture, by the mystery in World Heritage, by the strength of Nature, by the passion of Arts and Culture. These are our focus areas, with a constant Curiosity about the World around us and a “thirst” for Knowledge.

We believe the Future is deeply related with the Industry 4.0, with 3D Printing and re-use, with the New Technologies inspired by New Paths, New Shapes, NEW IDEAS!

The Past has several levels. On a first level, it connects with a distant Past, in the 16th century, when the Navigators and Explorers reached for new lands, new Cultures, other People. This Past lives in the Navigator’s adventurer spirit.

On a second level, revitalize values in the traditional professions, such as the Goldsmith, bringing new life to the Art of Jewellery making, and in this way connecting an ancient profession with the New Technologies, through 3D Printing.

In brief, our eyes are set on the Future with a big concern about Heritage, Sustainability and Climate Change.

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